Natures Bird Perch An Toys 
We are the "Original" makers of all natural grapevine play gyms and perches. 
You can already find copiers of our wonderful products, but when you want only the very 
Best for your feathered family members, you want a Natures Bird Perch Product.

Birds are instintively born with the need to chew, tug and pull things apart.  These stands provide the outlet for thier natural habits without destroying any part of your room.   They also serve another purpose which is to help maintain proper beak length (trimming may still be warranted by a professional at times).  We understand that not all birds can be left out of thier normal habitat at all times so when any of our products are also placed inside thier cage it helps keep them mentally stimulated and happy :)
All of our stands and toys are unique and individual pieces that provide hours of enrichment and entertainment for our little feathered family members.



Assortment of standard
 inch Stands.

Just one example of a standard 16 inch base stand.  

This is our 20 inch base stand.


Our very popular Tee Pee Stand measures apx. 30  inches tall on a 20 inch base.

Another favorite for your larger birdie buddy is our "Large Bird Table Top".  Measurements... apx.18 inches on a 30 inch base.






                We would like to introduce to our website audience to another of our all natural products....
                                                "The Multi- Piece Playsets" 
             These 4 piece playsets can be stationed together or in a couple sets of two or
                 even totally seperate from one another but still keeping with the same theme.
                                             Below pictured are the

                                      "Farmyard"             &                 "PlayGround"
               Grain Silo & Well with bucket                  Includes working Tetter-Totter
                            Three Hay Stack                          Jungle Dome for climbing
       Barn with bark bundle bale of "Hay"               Monkey Bars
                 "Split-Rail Fencing w Trees                     Set of working swings
We offer many other 4 pieced themed playsets....The Carnival,  City Park,
                   Camp Grounds, these are but a few examples.  Want to know more? 
                                          Just send me a quick email
                                         ""Themed 4 Piece Playset""

If at any time you have made your selection(s) of our products or even have a question, Email me directly @ 

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