Natures Bird Perch An Toys 
We are the "Original" makers of all natural grapevine play gyms and perches. 
You can already find copiers of our wonderful products, but when you want only the very 
Best for your feathered family members, you want a Natures Bird Perch Product.


 "Birdie Blossoms"
Available in 4 different varieties...African Violets, Cali Lilies, Lotust Blooms (not pictured), Sunflowers.  Single flowerettes are Red Tulips. 
Birdie Blossom Bunches $7.00 -
Single Tulips $2.50.

"Birdie Bugs"
Set of 3 bugs - Dragonfly, Ladybug, Ant

Corkscrew Bush        $3.00
Corkscrew Bush Hanging     $4.00
Feeder Perch              $4.00
Treat Bowl            $3.00

Flexible Bridges
   The flexible Bridge is our newest addition to the our line of all natural avain cage accessories.  This Bridge can be placed in numerous directions and attach thru the cage bars with eye screws and washers.  It can even be used to attach one cage to another ( to "Bridge" them together) or attach one to the top of ANY cage.

Confetti Cups
Each of these wonderful little peat cups have a surprise inside!  Each is packed with a variety of colored peat cup cut-offs & shredded coconut bark bits.

Hanging Chew Discs
     Little Bird Shorts           $2.00
     Little Bird Long             $3.00
     Big Bird Short               $4.00
     Big Bird Long               $5.00
     Jumbo Bird                  $6.00
Birdie Foot Dumbells      $2.00
Bark Bundles                $2.00

Rope Ladders
Available in 4 Bird Sizes
Mini, Small, Medium, Large

(apx Length 30 to 36 inches)

Anywhere Swings
The "Anywhere Swing"....pretty much says it all.   Small to med small bird.

"Twigs in a Blanket"
These are Grapevine stems wrapped in shredded coconut bark, wrapped in natural ribbed packing paper or cardboard.

Our "Wreath Swings" are another  customer favorite. 
Small   8 x 10 inch          $5.00
Medium  20 x 15 inches    $7.00
Large   18 x 24               $9.00
Measurements are based on open area in center.

Our "Cage Bar Perches" can be fit in most standard sized cages in almost any direction you think best. 
Prices  $2.00 to 12.00
 (depending on length and width.)

These can easily be added for extra play areas to any of our other products...see customers pics. last page.

Super "Tweet" Swings
Our swings range in sizes and styles,.....teardrop shaped, simply round, horseshoe shaped ,all with level bar perches added. All come with treat holder and or toy and some with both.
     Mini        $5.00    
Small         $7.00
Medium         $9.00
             Large         $12.00             Ex.Lg(not pic.) $45.00 
   Jumbo          $85.00 

"Leather Knots Tweets"
Another new item are our knotted leather treats.  The discs are drilled thru and the leather strips are knotted on both ends for hours of entertaining chewing.  When they do get them all untied simply slip back thru hole an re-tie.

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