Natures Bird Perch An Toys 
We are the "Original" makers of all natural grapevine play gyms and perches. 
You can already find copiers of our wonderful products, but when you want only the very 
Best for your feathered family members, you want a Natures Bird Perch Product.

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   I just want to share abit about how this whole adventure came about. I started out by making something for our own personal babies to play on so that I could be with them and still accomplish something around the house, (house cleaning involved moving slightly slower, typing by myself was next to impossible, washing dishes involved a bird bath as well and forget doing home repairs alone). With all that said I needed several "somethings" for them to play on as I worked my way around the house. As soon as I finished the 1st one I knew that these were not a want but a necessity (for me anyway), I don't like leaving
them in a cage if I'm home for any length of time.
Well...several of my co-workers are also "Bird Butlers" and had many of the same issues as I did. Alot of orders came in
immediately!! And working at a vet clinic for 30 years will always get you into trouble when it comes to trying to maintain a reasonable amount of pets...not happening! I soon discovered that many of the reptile lovers also wanted the stands for thier sleek & scaled little buddies
If your looking for something New and Natural for your fascinating feathered playmates, then our stands are just the thing.

                      Our Products are available at any time online as well as
                                     "The Birdwalk"    Painesville ohio 
                              "Pickle in the Middle"    Broadview Heights Ohio
                                   "Flying Friends"   Painesville  Ohio


Attending Upcoming  Schedule of Events

Date   Times   Event & Where  
 2/10/2013 &
5/5/2013 &
10:00-4:00  Exotic Bird Fair
Medina Fairground
735 W. Lafayette Road RT 42
Medina, Oh 44256
3/24/2013 &
7/28/2013 &
10:00-4:00 Ohio Bird Fair
17250 Hummel Road
Brookpark, Ohio 44142
4/27/2013 & 5/19/2013
8/17/2013 & 12/7/2013
10:00-4:00 Cancelled      Perry High Hose Company
8281 Oliver Road              Canceled
Erie,Pa 16509 
03/16/2013 &
07/13/2013 &
10:00-4:00 Knights of Columbus
2735 Union Street
Buffalo, New York 14227
6/9/2013 &
9/8/2013 &
10:00-4:00 Circleville Fire Dept.
129 Robbins Station Road
N.Huntingdon, P.A. 15642

(:(:(: Special Shows :):):)    
   These shows may be added to the above depending on resolving scheduling conflicts....i.e.  Can I get the time off work.  LOL!!

     Bird A Palooza
     April 21st
     52 Forry Street
     Newark Ohio 

     Mid America Exotic Bird Fair
     March 3rd
     4100 Columbia Street
     Hilliard, Ohio

                     Satisfied Customers and thier Owners Pictures

                                           The owner of this car said she wasn't leaving
                                     this show without one of our Large Bird Orbs
                                     even if it meant leaving her "better half"
                                    behind! He found a way around that!  LOL!!

We would like to introduce our new service...... 
                        Do you LOVE our all natural products and want or need more?
                                   Can't get to the shows, wrong day, wrong time?
                                         Don't want to hassle with the crowds?
                                                Do you like personal service?
                              Well we have just the thing for you......

             "The Cruisin' Birdie Bus Boutique"
        This service provides access to All of our products brought directly and especially for you!
    If you live within the specified driving range of 180 miles from us or 3 hours from us we would be happy to meet you halfway at a predetermined time and public location (depending on current weather conditions) .  You can have your very own personalized shopping experience in the "Birdie Boutique".  There is a minimum purchase requirement of $75.00.  For a "Chirping" good time bring some of you best birdie buddies and you can split the mpr.   Email directly for any questions or to set up a appointment please put "Birdie Bus" (orOrder) in subject line.

OUR LOCATION: Thompson Ohio 44086

Don't Forget
All of Our Swings, Our Hummingbirds and Our Orbs make the perfect gift for the outdoor Wild Bird Enthusists in your circle of friends and family!!!

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