Natures Bird Perch An Toys 
We are the "Original" makers of all natural grapevine play gyms and perches. 
You can already find copiers of our wonderful products, but when you want only the very 
Best for your feathered family members, you want a Natures Bird Perch Product.


Our standard custom made "Multi-Level" stands are available in up to 4 levels high and includes as many special features (multiple toys, spiral climber, rope ladder, peek-a-boo holes, feeder dish and treat holder ,swings, peat cup flowers) as will allow, depending on overall height.  The last pictures is of a  "corner design" 3 level.

2LEVEL $65.00  

3 LEVEL $120.00

4 LEVEL $195.00


We also offer a "Table-Top Castle" stand which is on a 12 inch base and has it's own prince/princess castle turret.  The average height on this table top is apx 24 inches.

Table Top Castle $65.00

      Medium Jungle Orb $65.00

    (Owner pic., Buddy & her toys)

The ever popular "JUNGLE ORB" comes in 3 sizes,  Small,  Medium,  Large.  These can be hung as a stand alone enrichment play center or over any stand or cage.
Medium "Jungle Orb" $65.00


     Large "Jungle Orb" $85.00

The next best thing to a real  tree is our "Hummingbird" play station.  This also comes in 3 sizes and 3 lengths- 24  inches, 36" and 48 inches. Includes toys, treat holder, swings), pretty much whatever I can fit on them. 

Pictured is the 48 inch.
24" +$25.00
36"   $45.00
48" = $85.00


We offer many different types of specials,
"If you can Dream it we can Build it!"

Below is just a small sampling of some of our special orders.

All large special orders need 6-8 weeks lead time and most require local pick up.  Shipping charges are VERY expensive.

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